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Jonathan Cahn is known for opening the deep biblical mysteries and prophetic revelations of God. On this page you'll find a comprehensive list containing most of Jonathan Cahn's messages and teachings from the mysteries of God, prophetic and end-time teachings, exposition of biblical verses, texts, and books, living victoriously in God, apologetics, current issues and events, and a wide variety of subjects. New messages are added almost every week as they become available. Search by message title, subject, etc. Members of Hope of the World receive special messages every month.
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Messages 21 to 40 of 2502
The Nazarite Factor
The Nazirite lived by standards given to no other Israelites. What do these things have to do with your walk, you life, and actually attaining greatness in God? Discover it.
Message 2534 2023-02-24

2 Chronicles 7:14: God's Key to Revival
With many praying for revival, Jonathan shares the absolute keys of revival as given by God to Israel. It’s one of the most famous of Scriptures – but most never open up what it really means – The keys for national or personal revival
Message 2533 2023-02-19

The Ain Katseh & the Triune Mystery
It is one of the most mysterious, controversial, and fought over doctrines of the faith, and yet there exists an answer in the pages of the Bible itself - beginning with Ayin Katseh.
Message 2532 2023-02-17

As we approach Valentines Day, we're going to focus on you and your beloved. Whether you're married or single, it's for you. Jonathan will be opening up the beautiful and mystery-filled love song of God - The Song of Solomon, for the revelation on the Love of God.
Message 2531 2023-02-12

Sure Keys of Overcoming Giants (and Sin)
Everyone deals with sins, weaknesses, temptations, habits and bondages. Are there sure keys and steps to overcome them all? There are! Discover them!
Message 2530 2023-02-10

The Master's House
We live in the end times. But how does that relate to our lives? Discover how to actually put it into practice.
Message 2529 2023-02-05

You Know Not Of
It's one of the most overlooked titles of Messiah. The Sar Chayim - what does it mean? What keys does it hold for our walks and our lives?
Message 2528 2023-01-29

The Mars Hill Mystery
A surprising object, an amazing mystery, and one of the most important secrets of the gospel hidden in the pagan world.
Message 2527 2023-01-27

The Substance of Heaven
In the Temple of God were symbols, mysteries, and elements. One particular element reveals the nature of God, and the nature we are to live by. One runs counter to our culture and world.
Message 2526 2023-01-20

The Word for the Year!
Jonathan delivered the Word for the Year - a word specifically gotten after prayer for 2023. What does the future hold? What does the Lord want us to know and do to prevail and prosper this year.
Message 2525 2023-01-08

Anointed Fish and New Beginnings
On the first day of the New Year, Jonathan opened up the meaning and mystery of the First Fruit, the Anointing, the Oil and the Spirit, the Anointed Fish, the Ministering Worm, and the key for new beginnings.
Message 2524 2023-01-01

A Year of Prophecy and Darkening
On New Year’s Eve, Jonathan opened up the prophetic and end-time events and developments of the year, from Israel, to Apostasy, to War, to Persecution, and to the End-Time Calling
Message 2523 2022-12-31

The Logos and the End-Time Christmas War
Starting with a president’s strange Christmas address, the metamorphosis of Christmas, the end-time war against it, and what it reveals for America, for the Jewish people, and for each of our lives – Discover the principle that can change your life.
Message 2522 2022-12-25

The Bethlehem Lamb
Behind the birth of Messiah in Bethlehem lies a mystery that the celebrations of Christmas miss – a deep, profound, and critical mystery of the Bible going back to Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and Isaiah, the mystery of God, and our lives!
Message 2521 2022-12-24

The Hanukah End-Time Mystery II: The Persecution
The powerful revelation of the end-times continues as it moves to the third key and the final stage – the connection between apostasy and persecution, moral free-fall and coming totalitarianism, the ominous signs from the White House lawn, the weaponizing of the state against believers, the imprisonment of believers, signs of the Antichrist – and more!
Message 2520 2022-12-18

The Hanukah End-Time Mystery I: The Apostasy
A powerful revelation of the end-times as reveal in an ancient mystery – the end-time Israel connection – the Great Apostasy – an ominous White House event, and what is now happening in America and around the world.
Message 2519 2022-12-16

A message Jonathan waited on the Lord to get for a special service – A powerful message on the true and practice – and supernatural – keys of victory.
Message 2518 2022-12-11

The Zeus Strategy
An apostle, a pagan god, and one of the most shocking of acts - and how you can use the same strategy to revolutionize your life.
Message 2517 2022-12-09

His Good Pleasure
One of the most unique and encouraging words Messiah ever gave to His disciples - with the power to heal and set us free!
Message 2516 2022-12-04

The Power of Shaking
From a different kind of breakthrough in the Book of Acts, the rejection of rejection, getting on with it, the power of shaking, and how it can change your life.
Message 2515 2022-12-02

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Messages 21 to 40 of 2502