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The Encounter And The Ritual

Friday, September 21, 2018

One of the most moving encounters with Messiah is when the woman washes His feet with her tears. Imagine if she then went out and founded ‘The Holy Feet Washing Movement.’ To join, you had to cry, wash people’s feet with your tears, and dry them with your hair. You’d have something comparable to many religions and Christian walks where people end up just going through the motions without the encounter. For many believers when they first came to the Lord, they had a real encounter. They didn’t know what they were doing, but what they did came right from their hearts, and they changed. But after a while, they grew comfortable and their devotion was more just going through the motions. Have you been going through the motions, saying the right words, but the encounter is gone? You need yet….to encounter the Lord, to be cleansed, and healed. You need yet to be changed and set free. Pour out your heart before the presence of the Lord and let Him touch you for real. Put away your religion, and come back to the feet of the living God.

From Message #543 - Falling for Anything

Today's Mission

Today, pour out your heart before the presence of the Lord and let Him touch you for real.

Scripture: Romans 12:11
Romans 12:11