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Neos & Kaheenos

Friday, December 6, 2019

There are two words for “New” in the New Testament Greek. The first is “Neos,” which means new in the sense of order, as in an event which comes after another. But “Neos’ is not the word used for the “New” Covenant. And that’s a good thing – because if neos was the word used, then the New Covenant would only be new because it came after the Old Covenant – and then, after a while, after a few centuries, it wouldn’t be so new anymore. But the word used for the “New Covenant” is the Greek word “Kaheenos” which means “new or fresh by nature.” In other words, it’s not the New Covenant because it comes after the Old Covenant – it’s the New Covenant because its nature is newness – it’s the Covenant of Newness. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in it for one day, ten years, or fifty years – it never gets old, thus you never have to get old in spirit either. Just keep going deeper in it – and you’ll always be new, just as the New Covenant is always Kaheenos – always fresh – always new.

From Message #1438 - The Brit Haddashah

Today's Mission

Today, get renewed in the newness of His Word, of His love, and of His joy. Get new again in the Covenant that is always new.

Scripture: Romans 6:4