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The Extra Blessing Controversy

Monday, March 19, 2018

Luke 4 records Messiah reading these words from Isaiah 61: "to set at liberty those who are bound and to open the eyes of the blind". Critics charge that in the original Hebrew there aren't two blessings there, only one. In other words, Messiah read or said an extra blessing that isn't consistent with Isaiah 61. There are several explanations for this: from the use of the ancient Greek Septuagint to the Holy Spirit's translation of a unique Hebrew word in Isaiah which indicates double blessing. In any case, critics attack the Bible and believers struggle with the controversy of the extra blessing. But think about it: Why is it a problem if God wants to throw in an extra blessing? If God wants to add an extra blessing, let Him bless you. Accept the blessings that God wants to add even if they aren't consistent with your old life. Stop struggling and arguing with the blessing; be quiet and let the blessings come. Just let Him bless you, even if it's not called for or consistent with your life. And you know what? You'll be blessed.

From Message #654 - Messiah in the Pulpit

Today's Mission

What blessings have you had a hard time receiving? What blessings do you think are too much for you, that you don't deserve? Receive them anyway.

Read -> Genesis 49:25