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The Premarital World

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

When dealing with couples who are about to get married, pastors need to encourage them to prepare for the marriage, not just the wedding. Couples tend to get caught up in the details and arrangements for the wedding, at the expense of preparing for their marriage. And yet the wedding lasts one day, but the marriage is every day after that. This mistake isn't just made by engaged couples, but by believers. Many speak of the second coming and get excited about the signs of its approach. This is not wrong. We should be excited - but the second coming is only the first day of the kingdom. We're not just to be focusing on the end-times, but on preparing for our dwelling with God forever. Are you preparing for your eternal marriage? Preparing for marriage is about working out all differences, bridging every separation, and learning how to dwell with each other - before the day. This life is your premarital chamber. Spend it wisely. Spend it in His presence. For the wedding will come and go - but the marriage is forever.

From Message #334 - The Great Preparation

Today's Mission

Start preparing for your eternal marriage by taking time with God today, dwelling in His presence and knowing Him through His Word.

Scripture: Revelation 19:7