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Today's Sapphire

Working The Darkness

Friday, November 27, 2020

In the beginning, God said, "Y'hee Or!"- Let there be light! This is His very first act of creation, and the foundation of all His work. God brings light out of darkness. One can only say; "Let there be light," when it's dark. This is important and profound. Most believers curse and fear the darkness, or avoid the darkness. That may be you. Chances are there is some darkness in your life or on the horizon that you fear or look upon as a negative thing. But according to the ancient Scripture, darkness is not something to be cursed, feared, shunned, or avoided. Darkness, according to the ancient Scripture is the raw material from which miracles come. For in God, out of darkness comes light. For only in the dark can you say, "Let there be light." God doesn't fear the dark, He brings miracles out of it. And you need to do the same. You've got a dark situation? Good! Stop despising it and in the name and power of God, let's hear it: "Y'hee Or!"- Let there be light!

From Message #1248 - Rasheet: The Beginning Of Days

Today's Mission

Walk in the beautiful light of God today and let His love shine all around you.

Scripture: Isaiah 2:5