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Today's Sapphire

Doing What You Can’t Do

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Luke 5 records Messiah telling a paralyzed man to get up and go home. Now think about that. What is He asking of the man? To rise up, take up his cot, and go home. What’s strange about that? The man is paralyzed. But He’s asking a paralyzed man to do what paralyzed men cannot do. And it doesn’t say that the man was healed before he rose up. The man had to do what he could not do – and in that was the miracle. In the same way, Messiah commands you to do what you cannot do, to live a life you cannot live, and to walk a walk you cannot walk. God doesn’t want you to live according to what you are, but according to what He’s called you to be and to do. Stop living limited by what you can and cannot do. Start living by faith, by His power, by His miracle, and by what He’s called you to become. Live as if you could do what you can’t do, and by His power, you’ll do it. It’s as simple as rising up.

From Message #1305 - The Perfect Bowler

Today's Mission

Today, do all things by faith, by His power, by His miracle, and by what He’s called you to become. And in that, do what you can’t do and have never done before!

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:7
Luke 5