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Friday, July 1, 2022

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission...
The purpose of the U.S. Department of Defense is to protect American sovereignty, American interests, and American citizens. As a protective organization it has traditionally been associated with conservative values. That's all changing.
American soldiers have increasingly been subject to a barrage of "woke" and left-wing directives, regulations, and indoctrination. Less than one month into his administration, President Biden issued a memorandum directing all U.S. departments and agencies that engage abroad or are involved in foreign aid to take up the LGBT agenda around the world.
In response to the president's directive, the Secretary of Defense ordered the United States military to become an arm of the LGBT agenda throughout the world. The United States army's new mission: to fight for the gay agenda in other nations.
The American army is to now fight against any intolerance for LGBTQI+ conduct. Thus it wasn't a matter of respecting the dignity and rights of all people, it was about fighting any nation, group, or people that did not agree with gay conduct - any nation that did not endorse or celebrate homosexuality.
In past ages, America was viewed as the upholder of morality and Christian values, now it's viewed throughout the world as a decadent nation bent on exporting its immorality to other nations. Exporting is one thing, imposing is another. But now we're entering new territory.America is now committing itself to become the enforcer of these values around the world.
The United States military will now seek to weaken, undermine, and overturn the efforts of governments throughout the world that uphold traditional or biblical values. If any nation upholds such things; as marriage, defined as an union between a man and a woman, the American military, the American State Department, and every American soldier has been committed to fight against it, to weaken such stand, and overturn it. America is no longer the upholder of Christian civilization - now it's engaged in a war to eradicate it. Its army has been, in effect, converted into the military wing of the LGBT agenda.
If this is the war America will now wage throughout the world, how long will it take until it wages the same war within its borders - against any and all who uphold the values of God? How does such a nation stand before God? And what will its future be?
But we are of another army, and of a higher command. And we are bound to follow the directives of our Commander, in season and out of season, when man agrees with it, or when man and kingdoms war against it. Be faithful to your first call, be strong and of good courage - and stand. And may God greatly bless you this month as you do.

Your brother and fellow servant in
His love and service,

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Scripture: Matthew 28:20