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Putting Yourself In The Bible

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

When I was a child, my parents called me Johnny. They bought me a children’s book called “Johnny goes to Washington.” My Father wrote an inscription, noting that the boy had my name. So when I read that book, I could picture that I was that boy going to Washington DC, to the White House, and meeting the President. Today they actually have children’s books that insert the name of the child in the books, so the child feels part of the story. Herein lies a secret to reading the Bible. Don’t just read the Bible as if it’s a book about other things, other people, or general principles. Read it as a Book that’s about God and you. God so loved… Johnny, Jim, Susan, Linda, that if… Bill, Maria, David, would believe in Him… Take it personally and specifically. Whenever you read of anyone, whoever, or whatever applies to you, insert your name into the Holy Word and see what happens. Put your name in the Book, because you are in the Book. Get yourself into the Book and the Book will get into you.

From Message #918 How to Become a Biblical Character

Today's Mission

Today, read the Bible by inserting your name into scripture. Make it personal, make it about you.

Scripture: John 15:16