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Saint Mary’s Orthodox Jews

Friday, May 24, 2019

There are two main sects of ultra-Orthodox Jews in New York. One is called the “Lubavitchers”, and the other is called the “Satmars”. Both groups wear beards and dark coats and dark hats and strictly follow the Laws of Moses as interpreted through their rabbis and rabbinic traditions. The Satmars are more shrouded in mystery than the Lubavitchers. Even their name –”Satmar” … what does it mean? There’s controversy concerning it, but it appears to have come from a place in Eastern Europe where the group originated. And what does it mean? Apparently, it means, “Saint Mary” – as in the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, Yeshua. So you could translate their name as “Saint Mary’s Ultra-Orthodox Jews”. What does that show? It shows that Yeshua, Jesus is so great, so prevalent, and so universal that even Orthodox Jews are named after His mother. Only one Jewish man has become the light of the Gentiles, the name above all names, the center of human history – no one else even comes close. He is number One. Live a life that declares Him number One in everything.

From Message #1252 - The Other Blessed Virgins

Today's Mission

Today, lift up His name and declare Him number One in your life.

Scripture: Matthew 12:21