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Today's Sapphire

The Agag Principle

Friday, February 26, 2021

King Saul was told to destroy the house of his enemy, King Agag. But Saul would not. He spared the king and his sons. And he did so long enough for one of Agag's sons, apparently, to get away. Years later, a man rose up, named Haman, who sought to destroy the Jewish people. The Bible records that Haman was an Agagite. In other words, he was a descendant of King Agag. So from the same house that King Saul was told to destroy, came a man who would one day and almost destroy every Jewish man, woman, and child in Persia. So God raised up Mordecai from the same tribe as Saul, the tribe of Benjamin, along with Esther, to defeat the son of Agag. What does this reveal? Don't neglect dealing with sin, or evil, or any gap in your life, even if it doesn't seem that big. Because if you don't deal with it, in the end it will become big, and empowered, to harm or destroy your life. Deal with sin as soon as it starts, deal with the problem at the beginning, and you won't end up dealing with Haman.

From Message #1167 - Hanging Haman

Today's Mission

Think about that sin or problem you need to deal with today. Pray and ask God to help you to destroy it before it destroys your life.

Scripture: Luke 4:8