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The Jailer's Joy

Monday, February 6, 2023

The Book of Acts says that Paul and Silas were set free by an earthquake from their jail cell in Philippi. The jailer ended up taking them home with him to celebrate his recent salvation. A question, who's watching the jail? The man was put in charge of the jail and would be put to death if he abandoned his post. The doors were opened and the Philippian jailer doesn't seem to care. Rather, he's having a great time in fellowship with Paul. We don't know exactly what happened, but we know he didn't seem to care. What changed him? He was saved. A lot of believers who are in the Lord are still keeping prisoners for offenses made against them. Are you still keeping their record or condemning them? You are saved and forgiven and now set free. You need to rejoice so much that you don't have to watch your prison. Release the prisoners in your life; release the condemned people in your life. Salvation is so good and you have so many better things to do in God than being a prison watcher.

From Message #1187 - Midnight Grace

Today's Mission

Release all offenses against you, let them go. Forgive and forget those who wronged you. Be glad, rejoice, let go, and be free!

Scripture: John 8:36