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Today's Sapphire

The Action Test

Friday, May 27, 2022

If you ask some believers how they are doing, they will say, well, I am going through a test. It's a testing time now in my life. But in school we took tests and we didn't like them much then either. The point of tests were that you could show what you learned. It was time to apply the knowledge of the skills you acquired since you took the last test. Or, to put into action what you learned. It's just like Messiah, who had to leave for His disciples to really learn how to walk themselves. It's one thing to walk or to hear how to walk, but it is another thing to actually do the walking. So the next time you find yourself going through a test, don't despise it. Don't say, "I am going through a test." Say, "I am taking a test! It's my chance to apply what I have from God." Praise God! I am going to pass it. Apply what you have learned. Apply the love and the faith. Take the test with joy and zeal and you will pass it, and you will graduate.

From Message #839 - The Test of the Beloved

Today's Mission

Take every problem, challenge, obstacle, and attack that comes your way as a test by which to demonstrate who you are in the Lord. Apply His teachings and praise God all the way through.

Scripture: Exodus 20:20