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"Rabbi Cahn describes the “Eight Harbingers of Judgment” experienced by Israel and their uncanny parallels to the events of September 11, 2001: his insights are prodigious, overwhelming and foreboding. The consequences that would befall the nation that would not hear the Watchman after experiencing the prior warning which would be a shadow of the cataclysm to come." Bill Somers   More...


Suicide rate for kids ages 10 to 14 nearly tripled in last decade: CDC

By Samuel Smith

Pro-Israel Evangelical Group Categorized as 'Hate Group' by Southern Poverty Law Center

By BIN Staff

Dad who fought to protect son from gender 'transition' now under 'unconstitutional' gag order

By Madeleine Jacob

Young people who leave church no longer returning as they get older, new research shows

ByLeonardo Blair

Kellogg announces special pro-gay breakfast cereal to raise money for 'LGBTQ advocacy work'

By Calvin Freiburger

ID, wallet, keys all in your hand: Sweden moves into the future with microchipping


Jury Rules Against Texas Dad Fighting 7-Year-Old Son's Gender Transition

By Amanda Prestigiacomo

Pontius Pilate built Jerusalem’s 'Pilgrimage Road,' say Israeli archaeologists


China Demolishes 3,000-Seat Megachurch during Worship Service

By Michael Foust

US-Russia nuclear war would kill 34 million people within hours and is increasingly likely, Princeton study concludes

By Jon Sharman

Chinese Church Fined $1,400 for Owning 'Wrong' Version of Bible

By Michael Foust

Runner, 25, wearing 'Jesus Saves' bib is saved by a nurse named JESUS after he had a heart attack and collapsed during a Minneapolis marathon

By Lauren Edmonds

Chinese citizens will soon need to scan their face before they can access internet services or get a new phone number

By Rosie Perper

UK Police allow male rapists to call themselves 'female' in criminal records

By Doug Mainwaring

Study Finds Going to Church Regularly Leads to Better Mental Health

By Will Maule

First Chick-fil-A in the UK to close just 6 months after opening amid LGBTQ protests

By Vandana Rambaran

Decline of Those Identifying as Christians in United States Continues at Rapid Pace According to Study


'All Options on the Table': Warren, Buttigieg Say Expanded Israeli Occupation in West Bank Could Lead to U.S. Aid Cuts

By Amir Tibon

Your Tax Dollars Used to Merge Mice with Aborted Human Baby Body Parts: 'Abhorrent on so Many Levels'

By Jennifer Wishon

Northern Ireland to legalize abortion, same-sex marriage

By Kaylie Piecuch

People With Diabetes, Arthritis Encouraged to Undergo Assisted Suicide, Report Warns


China: Authorities forcibly demolish 'illegal' church; elderly congregants injured

By Leah MarieAnn Klett

Anti-Religion Group Says Public School Mentoring Program By Christians Unconstitutional

By Deborah Bunting

Google says it has achieved 'quantum supremacy' with super computer that 'can complete TEN THOUSAND years' work in just three minutes'

By Ian Randall

San Francisco puts 22 states on blacklist for restrictive abortion laws

By Andrew O'Reilly

Pa. Gov. Pledges to Veto Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Says it Lacks 'Scientific Basis'

By Michael Foust

US Ambassador: Trump Will Not Evict Jews From Judea and Samaria


5,000 Christians show their support for Israel at Jerusalem’s 64th Sukkot march

By Eliana Rudee

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Law Granting California Students Free Abortions

By Tre Goins- Phillips

'Satanic Services' at US Naval Academy? Midshipmen Want 'Satanic Temple' Study Space

By Mark Martin

Hindu Extremists, Police Shut Down Worship Services in Uttar Pradesh, India


'Sad Day' in Algeria as Officials Seal Buildings of Country's Largest Churches


China bans African students from worshiping in churches to prevent 'foreign infiltration'

By Leah MarieAnn Klett

Christian Tourists Warned to Not Display Bibles in Saudi Arabia

By Mikaela Mathews

Poll: Majority of Americans Want First Amendment Rewritten

ByCollin Anderson

Neuroscientists have created 'mini brains' from human tissue that can FEEL and even suffer, say experts, as they warn an 'ethical line may have been crossed'

By Ian Randall

DC City Council to Hold Public Hearing Thursday on Bill to Fully Decriminalize Sex Trade

By Steve Warren

LGBT Jesuit Priest Says Bible May Be Wrong About Homosexuality

By Thomas D. Williams, PhD

Levites return singing Bible psalms to historic Jerusalem site

By WND News Services

Scathing Report Shows Assisted Suicide Expansion Leading to Deaths of Treatable Patients

By Will Maule

ISIS leader killed in daring U.S. raid in Syria, Trump says

By Wesley Morgan and Nahal Toosi

Thousands of Witches Plot a 'Binding Spell' Against President Trump for Friday

By Steve Warren

China forces churches to sing national anthem, raise Chinese flag to honor Communist history

By Leah MarieAnn Klett

Title X Protect Life Rule Reallocates Millions of Dollars from Planned Parenthood to Other Providers

By Mikaela Mathews

UK court rules not using trans pronouns 'incompatible with human dignity'; Christian doctor loses

By Brandon Showalter

Boko Haram militants execute two Christian aid workers, release video footage

By Leah MarieAnn Klett

Supreme Court to hear first abortion case since Kavanaugh, Gorsuch confirmations

By Samuel Smith

China Replaces 10 Commandments With Socialist Propaganda

By Reverend Ben Johnson

Abortion decriminalized in Sydney after Australian lawmakers overturn 119-year-old law

By Julia Hollingsworth

University Officials Held 'Personally Liable' for Discriminating Against Christians

By Tyler O'Neil