Jonathan Cahn

The Mystery of Sandhedrin 106B


Saturday, May 28, 2022

For 2000 years rabbis have argued against the resurrection of Messiah, saying it never happened. But in the writings of the Talmud, they often use a code name to refer to Yeshua, Jesus. One code name is Balaam, since they viewed Him as a false prophet who led Israel astray. In Sanhedrin 106:b, it says that this man was put to death and that his age at execution was between 33 and 34 years...just like Messiah. Now concerning this same man they say, "Whoa! Woe unto him who makes himself alive again by the name of God." The rabbis are saying that this man, who they thought was a false prophet, made Himself alive again by the name of God. Whoa! What's going on? The rabbis are admitting that Yeshua, Jesus was executed, and though He was dead, He became alive again by the name of God. So if the rabbis believe and testify He rose again, how much more must you believe and testify. How? By living a life that makes even skeptics say, "This is a life that is risen from the dead by the name of God."

From Message #831 - The Rising of the Leper King


Today, live in the power of Messiah, as one who has truly risen from death to life, alive from the dead, to live for the glory of God.

Scripture: Romans 6:4

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